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frequently asked Questions

   Q: Where are you located?

    A: We have sober living homes in the Philadelphia and Delaware county P.A.         area. 

    Q: How much is it to move in?

    A: We require an intake fee as well as weekly rent to move in. The amount varies depending on location. 

    Q: Will I have a blackout period?

    A: Yes you will be in blackout for two weeks. 

    Q​: Do you refer any residents to any outpatient facilities or pharmacies?

    A: ​​Yes, A Different Way has many recourses available and are dedicated in helping our residents in any way possible. 

    Q: Do you accept residents on disability?

    A: Yes, and we have special monthly budgets set for our disability residents.

    Q: Can I come to A Different Way if I have legal issues?

     A:  Yes, A Different Way will help residents in sorting out legal problems.    We are motivated in getting our residents back on track, and will advocate for them as well as provide letters and assist in court cases. We are there for our clients 100%. 

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